"We have had so many compliments on our kitchen and we so appreciate all Ken & Jayne's hard work and great talent."
-D. McWhorter

"Ken Pride sets the standard that all contractors should be measured against."
-J. Clark

"Joan and I have been extremely satisfied with the workmanship, patience, and care of Pride Custom Builders."

"A good friend told me about Ken Pride and Pride Custom Builders, but it wasn't until after I'd done business with Ken that I truly appreciated how wonderful a friend I had. Choosing to remodel our home, somewhere where we had lived for fourteen years, and where we knew its strengths as well as its weaknesses, proved to be the best decision we'd ever made.

We were living in a home with a wonderful location, but, like me, it was growing a bit long in the tooth. We asked Ken to come over just to suggest some changes to our bedroom and master bath; and that's where it all started. Before he was able to start working on our project, we chose to morph a "small" remodel into changing almost everything on the ground floor of our two-story home. In addition to the bedroom and master bath, we decided to include the living room, dining room entrance hall, kitchen, study, utility room, and even the stairs to the second floor. Did it take a while? Oh, yeah; but them Rome wasn't built in a day. Would I do it again? Yes, a thousand times over.

What we learned to appreciate about Ken was that he was anxious to understand our budget, and then work within those limits. That's not to say that the scope didn't expand along the way, but all of those changes were our choices; not something forced upon us. What we have ended up with is a home that we're delighted and proud to live in. Something that began as our home has ended up as a "palace;" a place that we love, and are anxious to show to others. I never expected to live in a place that I'm so proud of.

If there's a single word that describes what Ken does (and I can think of dozens) it's "Quality." He's not a large contractor, but, instead, he's someone who works on one project (yours) at a time. The people with whom he works, and the subcontractors that he uses, are outstanding. Going into a significant remodel, I had expected to deal with our contractor and learn to live the results. Instead, what I found was someone whose counsel I sought, and someone who I could rely upon; a friend that I could implicitly trust. The true measure of how I feel about Ken, his company, and the work he does is that I would contract with him again, instantly, if I chose to do any kind of remodeling work. Ken Pride sets the standard that all contractors should be measured against. And I would not consider working with anyone who did not meet the standards that Ken insists upon."

John W. Clark
Missouri City, Texas

"Ken Pride, his wife Jayne, and his excellent crew of talented craftsmen undertook a major remodeling job in our home, which included the total replacement of kitchen and utility room cabinets, counters and appliances, the complete renovation of the den with custom entertainment center, new mantle, custom made floor and patio door replacement, new counters and floors in three bathrooms, new interior doors, light fixtures and fresh paint on the interior and exterior. We relied heavily on the creativity, design knowledge and recommendations of Ken and Jayne. Joan and I have been extremely satisfied with the workmanship of, patience shown and care taken by Pride Interiors during the remodeling time. We very highly recommend them and their work to anyone. We can't praise them enough for their ability to create a beautiful, warm, wonderful home."

Larry and Joan Arnim
Houston, Tx